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About Us

About Us

Endüstri GM Company was established in Istanbul, TURKEY in 1999. Since the beginning the company have specialised in manufacturing and sales of equipment for the surface treatment& finishing industry throughout the World. ENDUSTRİ-GM was founded in 1999 based on customer satisfaction and continued to rise up to today with an dynamic team and service network and has become a large family.Endüstri-GM served to Global market by designing,developing and producing hundreds of blasting&painting room and machinery Endüstri-GM has been increasing Global market share in the Surface preparation&coating Industry progressively.Blasting&Painting Rooms we have designed&created and Machinery we have produced in Turkey and in world wide,have been working properly for many years.Our target is to be one of well-known companies in World wide by produced  Blasting&painting rooms and machinery in terms of both variety and quality based on customer satisfactory.We developed rapidly by supporting valuable customers.We appreciate your trust,and we’ll do our best to continue to give you the kind of service you deserve.

Our Mission

With reliable and dynamic service, we are adding value to our customers and employees through our quality and innovation initiatives, even in difficult and variable market conditions, making a difference in our industries. Ensuring social development thruogh cultural values, gaining power in the national and international area and making wise investments that allow us, as an organization, to have our say in the global area.

Our Vision

Become a well known company all over the world with wide range off blasting and painting equipments in national and international competition,with commission to the culture in order to protect natural values and norms.