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Blasting Booth

Blasting Booth

The extensive experience and expertise of ENDÜSTRİ GM assures an excellent product with a long life.

Endustri GM blasting booths and halls designs, develops and builds fully equipped and delivers these on a turnkey basis. The layout is fully tailored to all wishes and requirements of the customer. We are provide, blast halls and cabins extremelly high degree of efficiency.

We provide different sector and industries like shipyard, railway,petroluem, steel construction, aerspace, multiple blasters operating on one cabin;abrasive recovery: Elevator conveyor systems, fully scarapper floor systems, vacuum recovery systems, and complete floor automatic recovery a systems.

Dust extractor and climatisation control;

Advantage of blasting halls and cabins Energy saving.
Fast delivery and automation Non stop production.Efficiency climatization

Savings on abrasives and reduced waste;

Safe and responsible working environment. Minimum internal transport. Endustrigm has an extensive reference list of installed blast hall and cabins around the world and Turkey working with many years.

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