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Painting Booth

Painting Booth

Endüstri GM Paint Booth is engineered to be in balance with the other elements this ensures that the flow of products, the fresh air flow, and the flow of paint onto the product and into the filters is smooth and uniform.

After a thorough investigation and analysis of the objectives and goals of the paint room our team of engineers draw upon years of experience and an extensive installed base of paint rooms in operation around the world to ensure that the Endustrigm Paint Room proposal satisfies all of the criteria as well as allowing opportunities for future development.

Endustrigm Paint Room is designed specifically on a project by project basis the possibilities for customization are endless: multiple painters operating on one room, product access through one end or both ends of the paint room, extensive filtration options, and down draft or cross draft dust air flows.

Endustrigm has an extensive reference list of installed Paint Booths around the world.

You can find more detailed information about our Paint Facilities by clicking here.